summer 1994, CZ

she / her

currently living in Berlin, DE

freelancing as a designer, writer and illustrator
current collabs/employers: Institute for Queer Theory Berlin, Berlin Art Link,, Trans*parent Prague

proud Clue Ambassador

BA Top-Up in Communication Design and Media at KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi in Copenhagen, DK
AP degree in Retail Design and Management @ VIA Design in Herning, DK
(+ an awful Erasmus exchange at Hochschule Reutlingen)

queer and feminist theory

25 (mini) tattoos

cried after seeing Iggy and The Stooges live for the first time

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds + Einstürzende Neubauten + The Stooges + Bowie + PJ Harvey

equalism / veganism / minimalism

grey, black, white + splash of colours

Lynch & Jarmusch & Wenders & Godard

i like art

100% bitter