REMIX | owning & settling down


after of 3 years of moving from a city to city, country to country, every couple of months, i decided to stay in one place for a while. prior to that, i would always live knowing when my next moving would be, and each purchase would be made only after the item would pass the ultimate nomadic "do i really need it? will i fit it into my suitcase?" test. i gave up on decorating the place where i would live, knowing that i could have as well just thrown the money out spent on the knick knacks straight into the bin as i would have to get rid of them a couple of months later anyway. no plants, no nice cups, no candle holders etc.

so, when i finally made the decision to stay in Berlin for an unlimited period of time, i found myself feeling quite uneasy about the fact that i could suddenly invest in all those items i kept on restricting myself from. but as soon as i've started doing it again, i realized how much i've missed it, and how much i now enjoy coming back "home" (yes, i still feel uncomfortable calling any place a "home", tbh) and seeing all my lovely 2nd hand glasses and plates and tiny cactuses. now it gives me so much joy (well, that's a relative term in my life) to just look up and see my decorated window or drink my morning tea out of my thrifted China, so beautiful i'm almost afraid to use it. it feels good to be settled down, i have to say. i no longer feel the urge to run away, but maybe it's just because i'm finally in a city i love.

pics of all my beloved treasures above.
big thanks to T and L for gifting me with even more cactuses, aw.

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