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 it's quite a tradition for me to write a preaching article about the importance of giving and donating on the Christmas day, but this year i decided to take a slightly different approach. instead of just urging you to do something through clumsy sentences with multiple exclamation marks, i encourage you to take the action with me and actually get something nice out of that too.

as you can probably guess, i have made a special edition of queer stickers, which is nothing new in fact, but this time, all the profit (minus shipping) will go to a chosen LGBT organization to support the right cause. i haven't chosen the organization yet, but will most likely go for TGEU, which puts great effort into helping (not only) trans people in Europe.

so, the rules are simple:
one A5 sticker sheet is 150 CZK/5 EUR (the price is a bit higher than usual, but hey, the money will go to a good cause!) plus 20 CZK/2 EUR for shipping
just send me an email or a message via my Facebook page
you can order till Jan 1st, after that i'll get the stickers printed and ship them asap!

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