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Yo! Sissy is a queer music festival in Berlin (organized by two of the biggest sweethearts Pansy & Scout), where i got the chance to help out this year. me and my soul sister Padla did artist care for pretty much all the artists there, which was, albeit stressful and exhausting, definitely one of the best experiences of my whole life. even though i only got to see four full (kinda) gigs (Mykki Blanco, Christeene, Fritz Helder, and Le1f) and we came home at 9 AM on Sunday, i had so much fun nevertheless, and, i mean, i got to meet all of these cool people listed above, right? (and they were all supernice and sweet, i'm telling you!)

it was all about glitter, sweat & queer love.
Yo! Sissy 4ever 

 photo 16 2_zps1glfbyqu.jpg
Sunday evening sadness
 photo 35 2_zps4tn5puvd.jpg
took this as a souvenir
 photo Desktop_zpsfu3cqcak.jpg
Fritz Helder | Pansy
 photo 14 2_zpscmnj5rvn.jpg
Sunday morning
 photo 05 2_zpsygrlmaww.jpg
 photo 02 2_zpskfawdcwq.jpg
'fuck the patriarchy'
 photo 07 2_zpsqnxqfuyb.jpg photo 09 2_zpsdwrbde99.jpg
Sunday 7 AM
 photo 06 2_zpsv5vrvet2.jpg
 photo 08 2_zpszag6a6jd.jpg
creepin' on ya
 photo 10 2_zpsc5ydiwcw.jpg
backstage window talks
 photo 12 2_zps06ggipp1.jpg
Lauren Flax x Josh Caffe 8 AM impro set
 photo 11 2_zpsmrxzdbct.jpg
kinda lost it towards the morning .')

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