LET'S DANCE | atonal 16

for the past five days, i spent most of my waking time in a dimension called Berlin Atonal, a festival for sonic and visual art. taking place at Kraftwerk, an old power plant and a couple of clubs next door (Ohm, Tresor, and Globus), it feels like an eery b&w virtual reality, with an occasional hint of bright red, purple or electric blue strobe lights shining through the heavy fog. even though i have to admit i liked last year's visuals a bit more, it was still pretty surreal and oh-so-mindblowing.

to be honest, i'm not a big fan of the generic techno played at mainstream parties, but luckily Atonal is about the experimental side of it. throw in a lot of alt, industrial acts, projects specially made for the festival/building, insane visual art, amazing sound system; and you can kinda get why i am so sad that it's over. on the other hand, 5 days of great performances starting at 8 PM and finishing at 8 AM is fucking crazy, and will leave your body and mind destroyed; especially if you go really ~wild~ like me on the last night. time to recover now, uh huh.

my top 3 shows:
Marshstepper w/ Varg, Drew McDowall, Silent Servant, and Loke Rahbek (such a killer combo!)
UF (Samuel Kerridge + Oake)
Silent Servant + Phase Fatale

2016-08-27 00.42.52
Orphx + JK Flesh
2016-08-26 03.42.24
Marshstepper w/ Varg
2016-08-26 22.32.062016-08-24 23.08.47 2
Recent Arts present The History of Darkness
2016-08-27 00.15.562016-08-27 01.22.142016-08-28 02.13.392016-08-27 22.43.09
Croatian Amor presents Love Means Taking Action
2016-08-26 04.18.28
Marshstepper painting/bondage performance
2016-08-27 23.50.562016-08-27 23.27.432016-08-27 00.41.002016-08-25 00.05.44 22016-08-27 00.13.542016-08-26 22.56.37
Drew McDowall
2016-08-27 01.45.382016-08-26 00.22.182016-08-25 23.15.572016-08-28 02.15.502016-08-27 06.43.482016-08-27 07.01.37
Phase Fatale
2016-08-24 23.00.37

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