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TW: self-harm

2016-08-09 16.57.06-1

quite a while ago, i got my friend to stick'n'poke a little knife on the upper side of my left thigh, right across my self-harm scars, like a little memory of those bad times. not that they wouldn't be bad now, but luckily i have managed to move past this – i haven't self-harmed for over a year. i got this tattoo as a little celebration of that.

i just wanted you all to know that if you happen to experience something that makes you harm yourself on purpose, it is really important to open up about it and search for help. you are not weak, you are not 'weird', you are not selfish. and most of all, you are not alone.

even though self-harm is still a topic that's very widely frowned upon, it is nothing deviant or rare. unfortunately, most people still cannot wrap their heads around the way to approach people who suffer from mental health issues, which in fact causes more trouble than simply speaking up. if you know anyone with such problems, please do not hesitate to talk to them about that, even if you are unsure of the way to approach it the right way – you can both figure it out along the way. and vice versa, please do not bottle up all your troubles inside you and try to share them with someone. communication, however hard to execute, is very essential in healing!

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