ANALOGUE | disposable june

the last weeks in Copenhagen, the first weeks in Berlin, two days in Poznan visiting E.
(and three days in CZ which somehow went undocumented)

these are probably my favourite analogue photos i've ever taken.
they perfectly capture all the happy moments of that hard, stressful period and i cannot help but smile while looking at them.
these were the good times.

Bakken double toilet with T
Emma Acs at Bakken | E and A on our last CPH party together
Poznan, Poland
Poznan | the best falafel salad with E, the loveliest Poznan guide
Y cooked a traditional Chinese lunch at work = one of the best meals i've ever eaten
Oberbaumbrücke at 4 AM
when A took me on a tourist boat ride
Frederiks Kirke
A and her butt in Berlin
Deutschland, Deutschland
too old for Distortion
J and R at a class picnic
X*CSD, queer pride march in Kreuzberg | "Clearly Organic" wine
CPH room still life | Mayhem stocked up on toilet paper
end-of-the-semester boat ride w/ M, L, C and K
Christianshavn | K the mermaid
6 AM, Warschauer Strasse
B on Urban Spree's secret backyard
L and C while cruising the Københavns Havn
goodbye picnic with classmates and teachers


  1. to jsou vazne skvely fotky! libi se mi moc)) ja mam ted svuj prvni jednorazovej, jsem zvedava na vysledek, haha

  2. Ide z nich dobra energia! ,)

  3. To je tak kurva dobrý. Srší z nich ta joy z mládí :) Fakt krásný :)


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