WERK | pure blood

TW: menstruation

i hinted a bit about what i did for my final exam in the last post – a campaign all about menstruation. the concept of the exam project was quite complicated, but in short, i was trying to break the menstruation taboo (= deceptive image of menstruation in our society; the idea that it is impure, "unnatural" or disgusting and should not be discussed) through a promo video/visual campaign for the Finnish menstrual cup brand Lunette. i used a lot of visual symbolism, and each thing used has a hidden meaning. the vulva-shaped fruit is kinda obvious, i guess, but, for example, the blood is made of mashed strawberries, which is a link to the German euphemism used for menstruation: "the strawberry week"; eggs symbolise fertility, lilies the socially constructed "purity" women should have, cherries are a connotation to the saying "pop your cherry" for "losing one's virginity" (what a bullshit concept tho), stretched, pink chewing gum is a visualisation of vaginal walls and so on. there are two hidden links to very famous movies; and the song, in which PJ Harvey sings about drowning her daughter, has an obvious significance too.

i presented absolutely work-deprived and was gradually losing my shit over the presentation, and cried while i was waiting for my grade after the external examiner decided to roast me (later saying that it was just "for fun" – lolzzzzzz, i was sure having a lot of fun too), but surprisingly i managed to get the highest mark after all! the funniest thing is that i presented this project to two men, while menstruating and wearing a black latex skirt. felt very empowered at that point, haha.

side note: we had 5 days to create the visuals and the final presentation; and my video editing skills are basically non-existent, so please bare with me.

big thanks goes to Lumir and Eva who helped me with the video; and to all my great classmates who also stayed at school 24/7 and supported me the whole time!

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