GNDR | menstrual hygiene day

TW: menstruation

(photo from my femsex photo series

28th May is the Menstrual Hygiene Day! 

let's not discuss the tampon tax and using PMS as a reason for shaming and pointing out how "hysterical women are" for a while, even though these indeed are important problems.

while access to menstrual hygiene products is taken for granted by most of us in the West, there are millions of those who are not that privileged. so many youngsters in developing countries even fall behind/drop out from school because they are unable to take proper care of their periods (yes, menstruating is SUCH taboo in some countries). it is said that 1 out of 5 girls in India quits her education because of menstruation, and that is seriously horrifying.

let's start by raising awareness today through using the hashtags #menstruationmatters #menstruation #mhday and sharing your own story/artwork/whatever.
let's break the menstruation taboo.

learn more about the MHDay here.

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