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i've said it many times – the journey toward being a sustainable consumer is slow, and pretty much never-ending. here is a little list of things i would like to improve on my current behaviour. i'll let you know if i succeeded in a couple of months!

less plastic / packaging
i have to admit i've been a bit unfaithful to my as-little-plastic-packaging-as-possible rule lately, mostly out of laziness. buying packaged veggies in a close supermarket instead of stopping by in a small store selling fresh unpackaged produce on the way from school, single-packed energy bars, multipacks of chewing gums wrapped in plastic, takeaway food. the fact that plastic is not recycled in DK just makes it worse. i want to stop that, and really dramatically reduce the amount of plastic packaging i buy to almost none. more fresh produce, more homemade food and so on.

less water
no matter how bad and ashamed it makes me feel, i use way too much water when showering or sometimes even when i'm doing the dishes. the reason why i spend so much time in the shower is mostly because i need to warm up after walking in the Danish cold breeze, but i know that it is no excuse. (and thinking that i already save a lot of water by not eating meat or dairy is not one either!)

recycling more
i'm trading the recycling-unfriendly Denmark for a different country soon, which means my return to sorting out waste, yay! and i promise i will recycle every single thing i can, no matter where i am.

treating all buying choices the same way as buying fashion
while i'm very conscious about the clothes (and cosmetics and lately also home decor)i invest in (material/ethics/origin-wise), i sometimes completely shut off the eco-minded part of my brain when, for example, buying props for school projects or getting cheap snacks in the grocery stores. i want to make all of my buying choices matter, and to see each purchase as an ethical, guilt-free investment.

less paper – if so, recycled!
i love stationery with my whole heart, but i do admit it's a bit pointless to have a different notebook for each project i start, for a list of the films i've seen/the books i've read/the concerts i've been to, etc. etc. i'm trying to be as digital as i can, writing my to-do lists into my notes on my computer instead, having my finance check in an Excel sheet and so on. but i simply cannot live without at least one notebook waiting to be filled with weird doodles right next to my bed, and one that is so small i can carry it anywhere.

less cigs
i've dramatically reduced my smoking habits lately, i even went 30 days completely smoke-free, and i'm planning to continue in that. cigs are equally bad for my health and the planet, so i'm gonna try to stay away from them as much as i can.

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