ANALOGUE | disposable april/may

another month (and some days) has passed, another film roll has been shot.

seaside trips, swimming in ice cold water, art gallery afternoons, hang outs with friends, picnics, sitting on the dirty floor, concerts, free beer, cheap bubbles, lazy evenings, stolen flowers.

first dip at Amager Strand
G in the candyland aka Take Me (I'm Yours) verni at Charlottenborg
Iggy Pop at Falconer Salen
seaside picnic w/ L on a national holiday
G in my bed | Eye Attack at Louisiana
lazy kids
RizRaz leftovers from TooGoodToGo
doubletoilet at Bakken
hello Iggy!
1st May w/ M
my toes got frozen after a while
M the personal charging assistant | G and the sea
romantic Mayhem during Grand Prix's concert
cava at Svanemøllen Strand
Kastrup Søbad
stolen roses from Mayhem | double ice cream time
Swedish bread & Czech jam
Kastrup Søbad
Saturday at Amager Strand

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