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i have talked about minimalism for like zillion times here, but have i really explained why i'm so obsessed with this everything-stripped-to-the-core lifestyle? i've mentioned it in one or two articles, but i've never drafted all the reasons behind my switch to simplicity.

yes, i wasn't a 'less is more' preacher my whole life – quite the opposite actually. i, just like my parents (i know you are reading this now and you are mad at me but i love you nevertheless), was a real hoarder when i was little. my room would be full of useless, cheap knick knacks, toys, posters, drawings and so on. i used to love colours, and i even had walls painted in lila and later on in really bright green. but, as i grew older, a lot of things changed, and so did my love to abundance.

here's a list of the main reasons that gradually turned me into the minimalist i am now:

less things, less trouble
that's probably the main reason for me. as you might know by now, i am not a very balanced and mentally stable person (which is nothing bad), which can be quite preoccupying at times. having a lot and being surrounded by a lot means taking a lot of care of it, and there's just way too much going on in my own head for such things. also, i find it much easier to concentrate when everything around me is organised, and the less things you have, the easier it is to put everything in place. to sum up, less attachment = less worry = more time to spend on things that matter to me, like school/work/culture.

when i started being the master of my own purchases, i got more interested in what i actually buy and how these things are produced, and this, in my opinion, goes hand in hand with the minimalist philosophy. investing into high quality, long lasting pieces is at its core both a sustainable and a minimalist move, which is exactly what i'm trying to do. buying less, making responsible consumer choices, and minimising my eco footprint along the way.

once you start moving around different cities/countries/continents, you quickly realise that possessions are somewhat of a burden. you think of how much you have and how little space there is in your suitcases, and of all those ridiculous fees you'll have to pay for extra luggage when moving yet again. in order to avoid that, i am continuously working on reducing my belongings to the bare minimum to make moving easier to me. however, i have to admit i'm really looking forward to the time when i finally settle down for a while somewhere and i'll be able to buy things as books, kitchen utensils, clothes, art and so on without evaluating if they'd fit into my two suitcases.

minimal design is clean. sharp. bold. crisp. simple. soothing. on point. brutal. all this make it so visually pleasing to me, and comforting, too.

money matters
simply put – having/buying less is just great economically. even if you invest into more expensive quality products, it often pays off better than buying cheap items on regular basis (of course, not everyone can afford that). apart from saving time, effort and worries, minimalism also saves your money, ha!

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