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TW: sex, fetish, sex toys, birth control

being sexually liberated sure is a lot of fun.
but is the level of liberation same to all of the people who participate in heterosexual acts?
the answer is no. now i'm talking about a major inequality between the sexually active – for those of us with a uterus, there are many things that make it pretty much impossible to be absolutely carefree.
let's face it, being able to give birth is a great thing, but it's not exactly what you want to do after each penis-in-vagina session. and here comes the responsibility. and all the fuss.
late menstruation.
broken condoms.
skipped birth control pills.
hungover trips to the pharmacy for the morning after pill.
cervical cancer screenings.

with this photo series, i wanted to capture this risk and the consequences those with uterus know so well. i took objects, or symbols, that are directly linked to the pregnancy preventing practices, and paired them with pastel colours and shiny gemstones and glitter, all those supposedly 'girly' things, because, (sadly, still) in many minds a uterus = a woman. 'femsex' as in 'female sexuality'.

i wanted to shed light on this downside of hetero sex and how, often, only one side deals with the aftermath. i'm not trying to point out how horrified and angered i am by this 'unfair' role division caused by sheer anatomy – what i find unfair is that the repercussions are often dealt with by one person only, even though there are at least two people participating in the act. how come all the burden is put on those with a womb? oh wait, patriarchy, i almost forgot.

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