ECO | earth day? earth lifetime!

today is the Earth Day, the annual celebration which puts the needs of our poor, destroyed planet in the spotlight. at the same time, the Fashion Revolution is in full swing, and i simply can't miss such good coincidence to shove a bit more sustainability related words down your throats.

while it's great that there's such initiative, let's face it, showing care to our planet for one day or promoting fair working conditions and sustainable supply chain management for a week only is not enough. it's like eating healthy for one hour a day only, or not smoking for three days each week – sure, it does make a difference, but if you really want to change something, you need to keep up.

let's not see the Earth Day only as a day when you switch off lights for one hour, put a green-and-blue reduce-reuse-recycle filter over you snap and share a photo of an eco-friendly cosmetic you just bought to promote how conscious and sustainable you are. go and do some research on the actual current state of the planet and what you as an individual can do to improve it. start with this article for example. learn about the Paris Climate Deal. read a book called Flourishing by John R. Ehrenfeld and Andrew J. Hoffman (it is one of the books from my uni curriculum and it's really great). start acting – you don't have to turn to an eco warrior in a minute, of course, but try to slowly incorporate sustainability into your everyday choices.
let's start with an Earth Day, and turn it an Earth Week too.
and then an Earth Month.
Earth Year.
Earth Lifetime!

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