ANALOGUE | disposable march

here are some pictures from the past month, mostly from concerts and our trip to Stockholm.

to be honest, March was such a bad month it's almost unbelievable. so many things fucked up, so many things got ruined, so many things changed. bizarreness lvl 1,000.
April, be nicer, please.

Sergels Torg in Stockholm
F in E's glasses at Salon:Pissoir | K's prom artefact
R the sleepy head
Schwefelgelb playing at Drone | L, my fake husband, and a martini glass full of white wine tasting like red wine at E's place
Stockholm view
Schwefelgelb playing at Drone
Bernardino Femminielli at Mayhem
tired P
Carlsberg Byen | just chillin'
sunny day in Copenhagen
V and her laundry | Prague
getting ready for a party
choose life
yellow kindergarden in Telefonplan, Stockholm | E at work and our new fav Indian disco record
Dune Messiah at Salon:Pissoir
dad drumming | mum when i surprised her for her birthday
hanging out at the hipster bridge in CPH
preventing food waste – buying leftover food from RizRaz (more about this great thing soon!)
student dorm life
L having a romantic dinner with himself on my window sill | veg curry for three

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