ÅRT | the body form

three weeks ago, my new elective started. it was called Digital Design and was all about 3D modelling, prototyping and lasercutting. we had tons of assignments to make (three catalogues with patterns and/or 3D shapes, postcards, prototypes, descriptions,...), but the main one was to create an anti-glare window screen, all designed by us.

we were asked to pick a theme to keep throughout the whole project; and (since my last school project was quite mellow) i decided to focus on the human body. to be more precise, i focused only on certain body parts, those that are not discussed, let alone being shown without a stigma – the female genitals. i also worked with breasts, simple body curves and even the insides of our bodies like blood cells and bacteria, but vulva was the centre point of my project.

for the main assignment, i made a 30x30 cm vulva from differently lasercut sheets of propylene – each part was representing a part of the vulva so that when put on top of each other, they would form a 3D version of the female genital. i even folded the labia and made a special attachable clitoris to make even more three-dimensional.

why vulva though? well simply because it's a body part that is covered in mystery, stigma and shame to many. (the fact that majority of people call it by a wrong name is a clear proof) we don't discuss vulvas as we discuss penises and boners and morning erection and sperm etc. that's why i wanted to raise a discussion of sorts, at least within the circle of my schoolmates, and it totally worked. surprisingly, all the people i presented my work to took it really positively and i had a full support from all of my teachers, which was really nice. it was a lot of fun, even though the whole project was so stressful because of the lack of time for all the assignments.

you can browse through all my process material here, but since Issuu is an old-fashioned media, you are required to sign up as my work has been flagged as 'unsafe' and 'explicit' – looool. if you don't have an Issuu account, you can download it via Dropbox (the link in brackets). enjoy!

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