ANALOGUE | disposable feb

here are some new analogue pics, mostly from when Kaa visited and from my recent trip to Germany.
(i promise this is the last time i'm publishing pics from Düsseldorf, haha.)

lol no
Mayhem's overflowing toilet
Botanisk Have | white sensation
i don't have a proper drying rack
Schauspielhaus, Düsseldorf
Gehry Bauten | Tomas Saraceno - In Orbit at K21
U-Bahnhof Benrather Strasse, Düsseldorf
Landemærket | construction site vs Frederiks Kirke
when i took the wrong train in Düsseldorf and ended up at a random 80s train station
when A returned to DK from Amsterdam
toilet paper i stole at the uni
Kaa + Botanisk Have
on the streets of Düsseldorf
Gehry Bauten
Schloss Benrath
A visiting | Kölner Dom
Düsseldorf view

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