CONSUME | no furniture bill challenge III

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i've been living in this old 80s dorm for almost 4 months now, and, as i've promised, i spent almost zero money on furnishing it.
wondering what has changed since the last post? well, scroll down!

last week, i was writing about my current life crisis and how a school project made me realise how much i actually hate living in this dorm room. i came home from school on Friday, sat down at my desk, the sun was bright and nice, and a weird feeling started creeping into my body.
'i fucking hate this place.'
'my room is so bloody ugly.'
'no wonder this place is called the Suicide Dorm.' (i'm not even joking now - several people have committed suicide by jumping off the dorm's roof)
of course i immediately reminded myself of my start in Copenhagen when i was homeless, and knowing how bad CPH housing crisis still is, i knew i just had to suck it in and survive it here. but i also knew i needed to change something in my room or else i'd probably go crazy.
so i did.


first of all, as you may have noticed from the pictures already, i have replaced the old, big wooden shelf with a mini-bar fridge i found in the trash a few minutes after my i-hate-it-here breakdown. being the insane person i am, i brought it up on my own and slightly strained my back, but hey, it looks bloody awesome now! i might take off the door and lean it against the wall, but i'd have to get my hands on a screwdriver at first, haha.

furthermore, i just reorganised the pictures / objects i had on the walls and that was pretty much it. nothing major, but it did make the room look much fresher and cleaner. i'm still not loving this place but somehow i can manage living here now. an armchair would make it better though. or a sofa. or an extra chair, at least.

again, here's a cost checklist;

stuff i bought (since the last post):
a lightbulb cord (i somehow bent the one i had before with my own back, lol) - cca 20 EUR
a stationery clip for hanging pictures - 1 EUR
an extra towel for guests - 2 EUR

stuff i found (in the trash) and recycled:
an old fridge > bookcase
a cute pink plastic basket > fruit bowl

stuff i 'borrowed for an unlimited time period':
2 small plates from our kitchen > soap holders


see, it's not that hard not to spend almost anything on interior design, but it can be quite a challenge to make it look nice and cosy. but, again, can one actually feel cosy and homey in a dorm, huh?


  1. skvele <3
    ta chladnička mi pripomenula Felicity a jej spolubyvajucu čo si davala v lete gatky do chladničky :D



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