CONSUME | sustainable shopping tips III

here's a new batch of some nice and eco-friendly products, finally!*
you can find the first five here and the second one there.

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Lush shampoo
i have already talked about this Lush gem multiple times, but, since i love it so much, i'll do it one more time! solid shampoos are a great thing, they come unpackaged, last long and smell heavenly. i have tested out two out of the wide range Lush offers - Jason and the Argan Oil (on the picture) which smells like tutti frutti candy, and Jumping Juniper, a light purple lavender-scented one. i have a secret tip - buy the special metal can Lush offers and leave it open after you use the shampoo, that way it won't get strangely sticky and gooey!

degradable trash bags
waste, waste, waste - everywhere. plastic, which is literally slowly overtaking our planet, is not recycled here in Denmark (apart from deposited bottles), which is something i'll never understand. to decrease my own plastic footprint, i try to avoid it as much as i can. apart from bringing my own plastic bags to grocery stores and trying to buy as little packaged goods as possible, i use these degradable trash bags i brought from the Czech Republic. you can get them here. by the way, i love their cute mint colour, ha!

Death & Decay perfume
it's quite hard to find a nice, eco-friendly and vegan perfume that stays long and does not cost a fortune. while i usually use White Musk from The Body Shop, i fell in love with the Death & Decay perfume series from Lush. (yes, Lush again, i know) first of all, the name is brilliant. second, the delicate jasmine + lilies smell is so ethereal it's impossible. the liquid version has a much stronger, long-lasting smell, but the solid version of it is just perfect for always carrying it in your bag and re-applying when in a hurry.

eco notebook
i love taking notes and drawing silly things into my uncountable notebooks. i usually stock up on those from the Czech brand Papelote, but this one i got from the art supplies shop at my uni is even better. it's nicely natural brown and simple cover is quite hard so it doesn't fold or bend and the insides are snow white, something very uncommon to eco notebooks. if you'd like to score it too, come to KEA at Guldbergsgade in Copenhagen, and make sure to say hi to me too!

alum stone deodorant
following Kaa's advice, i have been using Lush's Aromaco solid deodorant, but as it was quickly disappearing, i decided to try out something new. i found this strange little thing in a drug store in the Czech Rep, in an even stranger yellow-blue packaging. it was called 'kamenec', cost merely 2 euros and was supposed to work both as a deodorant and a magical thing for closing the skin pores after shaving. i gave it a try and was very nicely surprise. also, i really like the way it looks, very minimal, very chic, hehe.

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