ÅRT | consumerism is the new black

 photo clocks_zpsftyyznfx.gif photo burning dollar_zpscxvn0huk.gif photo shopping bag_zpsrxbyfdwz.gif  photo euro_zpsasxs3ttm.gif

i had a Conceptual Styling elective at my uni during the past few weeks, where we were supposed to create a photoseries (including photos, animations and an actual exhibition at school) on a topic of our choice. me and G decided to go for a little sarcastic comment on the consumerist society and came up with this whole project called CONSUMERISM IS THE NEW BLACK, for which we even created a mystifying event called SALE SALE SALE (check it out here) to which we invited all our friends living in DK, and also sent official invites to our teachers. it was a lot of fun, and actually some people who really thought we were selling some stuff cheap showed up.

sometimes i forget i'm not studying at an art school, but i seem to get away with it, lol.

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