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last time, i wrote about all my good and bad habits related to sustainable living.
as i want to continue challenging myself in trying to live as sustainable as possible, i also plan to share this whole journey here on the blog.
product recommendations, tips and tricks, reflections, journals of my own struggles and so on.
all under the 'consume' and 'eco' tag.


let's start with a few of my favourite eco products*:

Matt&Natt wallet
i asked for this beauty for my birthday and i'm so glad i did. even though it looks like it's a fancy leather wallet, it is actually made of recycled plastic bottles. so nice!

bamboo socks
some might remember how desperate i was trying to hunt down the best black socks. i wanted them to be nicely fitting, ankle-high, without any logos and sustainably made. it's been a long journey but i finally found them! these ones are made by a Czech company called Ivex and were bought via this online shop with ethical fashion. they stay in place the whole time you're wearing them (i always wear my jeans rolled up so i really hate when my socks start slipping down), look perfectly minimalist and cost oh-so-little!

loose tea
i have already talked about my fight against tea packed in single teabags in a few previous articles. frankly, i do not understand why so many people buy their tea packed that way when the price:quality ratio of them is so bad. i buy most of my tea from Oxalis, a Czech brand selling tons of different tea flavours. the average price for a bag (approx. 50 g) is around 3 EUR (and the little tea infuser is usually 2 EUR max); and the quality is really good. great taste + cheap price + sustainability = ♥

travel-sized shea butter
the wind in Denmark is pretty cold and my hands suffer quite much because of that. to avoid my skin being as scratchy as the hardest sandpaper, i purchased this tiny metal container full of soft shea butter. you can use it for your hands, lips, feet, whichever part of your body you want, and it's just great and smells nice. i got mine at EcoEgo here in Copenhagen for approx. 3 EUR / 15 g.

bamboo toothbrush
thanks to Kaa, i discovered these great bamboo toothbrushes and i believe i'll never switch back to the plastic ones. i use the Health Soft version from Curanatura, which i buy from the Econea webshop. 3 EUR only!! the ones from EcoHeart, which can be purchased in almost every health store now (Copenhagen / Prague) look great too!

*none of this is a paid advertisement

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  1. ponožky jsou nejlepší tip na světě, protože mám většinu nechutně umělou (díky Ježíšku)
    mimochodem, jak je to s tvrdostí toho kartáčku? mám extra soft curaprox a 'bojim se' přejít na jinej


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