CONSUME | no furniture bill challenge

issue no. 1:
i moved again. (to the 7th room in 2015)
i paid the deposit and the first rent; and now i'm supposed to pay for all the new furniture.
i don't have that much money (to spend on something i'll have to give away few months later) though.

issue no. 2:
furniture waste.
it's a huge issue all around the world (of which i know a lot since my classmates made a whole project about it and my current uni project is in collab with IKEA whose sustainability manager addressed the issue too) - tons of unwanted furniture gets thrown away and changed for cheap, temporary pieces every day.

in Denmark, people tend to simply leave their 'old' (= still looking almost perfect) furniture on the streets
i can just walk around and try to find some nice pieces to bring to my new home
my bank account will be spared any excessive money withdrawing


in order to save both the planet and my wallet, i'm taking a pledge / conducting an experiment:
i will try to furnish my new dorm with found furniture only.
i won't buy any items at cheap chain stores; and if i'm in a real need of a certain piece, i will buy it second hand.

here's what was already in my new room:
1 table i want to replace (it's ugly blue), 2 lamps (both in bad condition), ugly curtains i want to replace, shelves, in-built wardrobe, an ugly shower curtain i want to replace

i really, really need to find the following things:
a desk (white / black / nice wood), at least one chair
what i wish to find lying in the garbage is:
wooden palettes (= bed frame), a wooden / glass board (= notice board above my desk) a desk / standing lamp, extra chairs, an armchair / small sofa, random decor
and i have already found:
a cute baby pink Ikea side table (literally 5 mins after moving in)

of course, you cannot find everything on the streets, so i actually still need to splurge some cash to make this place look aaah-key.
things i have already purchased:
a mattress + cover, a blanket, a pillow, a towel, a candle, a toilet brush (all from IKEA, because, ahem, they were cheap and i needed them asap)
things i have brought from CZ:
a light bulb (which broke down already) + chord, 2 hangers, an alarm clock, bedsheets, a basket, a metal box, some decor (e.g. a tiny skull, a miniature of a disco ball), 1 plate + 1 bowl + 1 cup + 1 glass
and to decorate my room / organise my things, i'll re-use old bottles, cans, boxes etc. and use fresh edible herbs instead of regular plants.
in case i really need something more (curtains, kitchen utensils, lamps, flower pots), i'll buy it second hand or from a local sustainable shop EcoEgo.
(and i'll try to keep away from all the cheap home decor stores like Tiger or Søstrene Grene* to avoid supporting production of unsustainable, unethical and low quality products)
*i'm already admitting that i'll probably buy some clothes hangers from there ('cause they're supercheap yet still nice), but i'll check out a few second hand stores at first!

let's see how it goes.
should be fun!

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