CONSUME | no furniture bill challenge II

as i have settled down a bit more at my new dorm room / flat, i thought i'd update you on how my not-gonna-buy-any-furniture low-cost challenge has been going.

this how my room looks like atm.
read more below.

i found the cute baby pink side table within a few minutes after moving in; and i sort of expected the rest of the process likewise easy.
of course it wasn't.
sure, i could have borrowed all the stuff from the furniture bank at my dorm, or i could have just bought the cheapest pieces at IKEA, but i wanted to keep on doing this experiment. so, i spent two weeks sitting on that pink table instead of a chair when trying to work, which lead to a lot of back pain. for three weeks, the first thing i saw after waking up would be ugly, dusty curtains with a ridiculous pattern reminding walnut shells.
luckily, when my parents were visiting, we found a nice desk (i used to have the same one but bigger when i lived in Herning) and a chair at the same spot where i found the pink table, ie the huge container in front of my dorm.
i tried to hunt down some nice curtains, visited so many second hands, but nothing was nice. i pretty much gave up, because i just couldn't stand looking at the walnut-covered ones anymore, and ended up going to Jysk. none of the curtains sold there looked reasonable (= very simple, white, inexpensive), so i bought the cheapest white bed cover and hung it with 4 office rings i always carry in my purse for school projects. it is extremely ridiculous, but i sort of like it. very lo-fi.

expenses so far (in DKK):
2x 399 - mattress (the cheapest one available)
49 - towel
19 - shower curtain
24 - pillow
29 - LED light bulb doublepack
2x 19 - bedsheets
2x 24 - blankets for guests
19 - candle

100 - blanket
30 - bed cover used as a curtain

10 - plant (died already)
15 - fresh coriander (also died)

stuff i found (zero costs):
a desk, a chair, a cabinet with mirror (didn't know how to use it so i put it back to the container), a wooden crate

stuff i upcycled (zero costs):
pencil holders from a metal can and a tomato sauce glass, a flower vase from a glass jar from beetroot, fruit 'bowl' (requires a lot of imagination to see it as a bowl) from an ice cream container.

+ i used a lot of decorations i had brought from the CZ with me.

stuff i'm still searching for:
a bookcase / chest of drawers / whatever to put my stuff on, a board on which i could put photos / drawings etc on, another chair(s)

let's see how it goes!


  1. your room looks so good and it costs so little??? wow

  2. první fotka je nejvíc skvělá


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