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do you remember this post?
same as the last time, there are two main concerns on my mind lately.

how much do your childhood surroundings affect you?

i mean, there have been thousands of studies about this. but is there really a definite answer to this question? not really. was Jean Piaget with his cognitive theory really right? who knows.

the thing i know is that when i was growing up, my parents were listening to a lot of music i listen to now. they wore black. they were vegetarian. hello there! i remember very vividly watching the video for Pure Morning by Placebo when i was little - and hey, look at my current haircut! it looks exactly the same as Brian Molko's hair in that video when it's not straightened. i also wear black nail polish all the fucking time. another thing is that Nick Cave's and Blixa Bargeld's voices calm me down so much - and they're my mum's favourite musicians.

can all these little things really affect into who you grow up? can you actually shape your child's future just by the stuff you do when the kid is little? and what if i will ruin my kid's future by that?

you will never know how many people think of you.

right now. during today. several times this week.
your family. your best friends. THE crush you have. your teachers. your exes. strangers from the bus, from shops, gyms etc.

so many people could be thinking of you, romanticizing you, hating you, missing you, worrying about you - and you'll never know.
such a bummer.

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