CONSUME | eco shaving

seems like shaving or not shaving is the hot topic, right? not shaving is a 'feminist statement' (lol and wtf) and shaving is unnatural according to all the alt subcultures; and vice versa in the mainstream society. i personally believe the pressure to be hairless, spotless and perfect in every aspect coming from all forms of media is incredibly harmful; but, at the same time, it is nothing wrong if someone decides to do so because he / she / they simply want to. let's just stop objectifying bodies and discussing them as if they were commodities which need to be restricted by norms and laws, shall we?

so, we sorted that out.
i do shave. i've tried not shaving for a while but didn't particularly like that, so i got back to it. what always worried me was the massive (mostly plastic) waste shaving creates - all the disposable razors that stay sharp for less than two weeks, all wrapped in plastic packaging and sold for way too much. this summer, i finally decided to do something about that and take an action against this nonsense waste.

i was flirting with the idea of sugar depilation, but then, after a quick google research, i discovered a way that was even better - the classical steel razors. i was a bit scared of bleeding to death before i tried it, but decided to give it a try nevertheless. i got a razor from Merkur, an established German company, from an online shop, took a lot of plasters and tissues with me to the bathroom and tested it. that happened at the beginning of August and i have been using it ever since without a single cut. no blood shed, never ever. i don't even use any shaving cream, just a regular solid soap and bam i go! sure, you need to adjust the way you tilt the razor a bit compared to the disposable razors, but it's seriously not that hard. i really encourage everyone to try it too, the initial investment is a bit higher (around 20 euros), but it definitely pays off after a while as the razor blades are supercheap. (i use a Czech brand Astra which sells 5 of them for approx. 1 euro) plus it looks better than all that bright pink or dark blue plastic shit that lasts a few days only.

go ahead and switch to a way of shaving that's more environmental-friendly and at the same time better for your wallet.
and don't forget - it is up to you what you do or don't do with your body; and no one has the right to tell you anything bad about that!


  1. JO!
    ja som jednu dostala od Pau na meniny ale akože dosť sa toho bojím a asi si kúpim radsej nejaku bezpecnejsiu :D
    Ty jo ale mala by som ist hned do toho!
    Diky za povzbudenie )))

  2. přesně tohle potřebuju! dík


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