GNDR | street harassment survey

i'm always talking about street harassment, cat-calling, self-defense and so on, right?
i know what's my own experience with street harassment,
i might know what's (a few of) my friends' experience with it,
but that's not enough.

that's why:
i'd like to ask you to take 10 - 15 minutes and fill out this survey i made to find out more about the issue and people's experience with it.
the survey is all-gender-inclusive so everyone is welcome to share their experience!
the results will be used for further blogposts and research!

just be careful:
the survey is dealing with sexual harassment in public places and asks about cat-calling, exhibitionism, frotteurism, rape, aggression and self-defense - VERY HIGH TRIGGER WARNING!
you can always skip any question you don't want to answer but if you feel like the whole survey could bring up bad memories, please don't start - take care of yourself ♥

link to the survey
thank you all!

and here is my own experience with the problem:
(skipping question 1 and 2)
3. Have you ever noticed other people looking at you in a sexual way that is not comfortable to you? yes, often
4. Have you ever encountered sexual remarks from random people? yes, often - if i had a dollar (or a Danish krone preferably) every time someone whistles at me, um, well... it was the worst when i lived in Reutlingen though!
5. Have you ever been touched by a random person in an uncomfortable, sexual way? yes, from time to time - on parties, concerts, in public transport...
6. Have you ever been asked to have sex with a random person, perhaps even offered money for it? yes, a few times - i was even followed by cars for several minutes a few times : )))))
7. Have you ever been exposed to a flasher? (A flasher is a person who displays his or her body in a form of indecent exposure, e.g. genitals, breasts,...) yes, I have - twice in fact. once on Warschauer Strasse in Berlin at 4 AM when i was on the way to a party with my friend and once at like 3 PM on a tram in Prague
8. Have you ever been exposed to a frotteur? (Frotteurism is a paraphilic interest in rubbing, usually one's pelvic area or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual pleasure.) not really - i have been touched by random people on public transport for example but i don't think any of that was a real case of frotteurism
9. Have you ever been sexually assaulted (in a public space)? no, never (and i am so worried about the answers to this question : ( )
10. How do you react when street harassment happens to you? middle finger / shouting 'fuck off'
11. Does your reaction cause aggression? yes
12. Do you adjust / change your plans in order to prevent street harassment? (e.g. not going to certain parts of the town after dark / at all, skipping parties etc.) yes, sometimes
13. Do you adjust the way you dress to prevent street harassment? not really but i have been told to
14. Do you carry a self-defence weapon with you because of street harassment? yes, always
15. If yes, which weapon(s) do you have? Have you ever had to use it? i have one pocket knife atm (used to have two) and a pepper spray. i used the pepper spray once to scare off potential assaulters.
16. In general, do you feel scared when being in public spaces on your own? yes yes yes

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