LET'S DANCE | festival summer: creepy + off

this summer has been music-wise quite busy, i've already been to two small festivals and one is still ahead of me, yay!
here's an analogue report from those two.
(almost finished with all my analogue / instant films now, uh)

(10 - 12/7/15, Kutna Hora, CZ)

01: Gran
02: drinking beans, yum yum #not
03: blurry Wreck and Reference
04: walking around Kutna Hora
05: our fav fast food
06: our fav fast food II / P aka Josef Bolf
07: Jordaan Mason
08: pre-Methdad
09: haircutting w/ Crywank
10: Skull Katalog
11: the last afterparty


(7 - 9/08/15, Katowice, PL)

01: Sunn O)))
02: Xiu Xiu plays Twin Peaks
03: argument during Ann Liv Young's set
04: yum beer at Kato
05: i kept on losing these
06: Mick Harvey
07: 10/10 rabbits recommend
08: The Julie Ruin
09: Patti Smith
10: Iceage

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