GNDR | sexual orientation

as the Prague Pride is in full swing now, i'd like to write a bit about sexuality.

because it does not matter if you could or couldn't (= me) or didn't want to attend the Pride march,
it is very important that you are proud of your sexuality nevertheless.
all year round.

and it does not matter if you identify as*:
heterosexual = the society's fav attraction to the opposite sex (very boring in my opinion)
homosexual = attraction to the same sex
bisexual = attraction to 'both' genders; i don't believe in the gender binary concept so i'm really fond of this term (yes, it is sometimes explained as attraction to two or more genders, but the 'bi' notion is too obvious in the term, in my opinion at least)
polysexual = attraction to many genders but not all
pansexual = attraction to all genders (now we're talking about breaking the binary bullshit)
skoliosexual = attraction to genderqueer and non-binary people
demisexual = feeling sexual attraction only after developing strong emotions towards the person
asexual = having little or no sexual attraction (hey, there's nothing bad about that, seriously)
autosexual = when an individual is attracted to themself, preferring masturbation over interaction with other people (again, that's nothing bad too!)
gynosexual / androsexual / heteroflexible / homoflexible / bicurious / gray A etc.
it is really necessary to accept and be proud of who you really are, despite what society says.

i know it might not be that easy.
for example, i only fully accepted my own pansexuality last summer even though i knew i was not 100% hetero since i was like 7. now i find it very funny in fact.
see, it might take a while.
and if someone is mean, rude or detrimental in any form to you, just cut them out.
it's not about them, it's about you.

* i am no expert on sexual orientation so i'm really really sorry if my explanation is a bit messy


  1. Hello Anna!
    I read your blog for I think few years now and never comment. But now, I have to. I really like your personality and you passion to fight for your rights, but lately I feel like you are forcing it a little bit. The reason to write this comment is this sentence: "heterosexual=very boring in my opinion". Don't you think opinion like this is very lame and actually unexcepting? We are all the same and I think it's not cool to represent yourself and your opinions like because it is cool, because yes you are different. Whatever, live and let live and hetersexual are just as complete and adventorous as homosexual, or your favourite :) pansexual is. If you write blogs about equality and you look like you are trying to educate people, do it with respect please!

    No offense, I really like you and your interests, but this tickled me in the wrong way.:D
    Good luck, have fun!

  2. hi zus! : )

    the thing i wanted to point out was that i thought that heterosexuals just don't get that explore that much, especially when heterosexualism is often taken as something 'right' and 'common' in our society and it often puts certain restrictions to people (when they have certain feelings towards the same sex and are trying to fight it because 'i'm not gay, ew' for example) that is boring for me, but sure hetero people can have a lot of fun in bed too! maybe i just didn't write it in the best way, that sometimes happens and i am trying to work on that to prevent further misunderstandings : )

    but trust me, i'm not forcing anything. that's a promise!

  3. hello anna:) thanks a lot for your answer.
    when i read it after myself, i thought i sounded like an idiot, but we managed to understood each other.:)
    thank you for your words, actually i am not any catholic heterosexual person who is shocked by your words:D but i thought it sounded really judgy and i dont like that very much (i think so do you:)).
    thanks for explanation, i have to agree with labeling it as "normal" and "common".
    thanks for nice little conversation and i am glad we came to an agreement (but i am sure we agreed before:D)


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