ÅRT | post- for your eyes only

(K and V during their commented tour)

remember the little secret exhibition i held in my Prague room?

well, it's over now.
the artwork has been destroyed.
goodbye all you toxic people.
(or not really)
(but yes in fact)

what started as a joke turned out to be the best idea ever, seriously.
i mean, the concept of repeating all my love life failure stories again and again and then endlessly discussing it is probably the best healer ever.
my commented tour differed with every visitor, some got a brief version of 20 mins max, some stayed for several hours.
at the end it didn't even feel weird to be telling such intimate stories to people i might have seen just a few times before.
it felt very deliberating.
it was the best therapy ever.
and it worked both ways; because my visitors would usually share some stories with me too.
my room turned into a healing place for disappointed souls, a psychologist's office with no charges, a nest for complaining.
i feel so free now.
over it, finally.
or maybe not, but i definitely feel much better about all the shit.

the best and saddest part was the discomfort and sad, awkward nervousness gradually creeping over my listeners while i was explaining everything.
i would finish and they wouldn't say anything for a while.
it was like a social experiment.
it was great, in general.


  1. it sounds great and i love the idea. just a little sorry that i couldn't see it for myself.

  2. it was such a pleasure to listen to all of your love experiences. i mean it in the best sense possible! it felt like you yourself mock those acquaintances you talked about, and you are not longer too attached to them, making it easier to heal your srdíčko )) and thanks for the vegan chinese bistro tip haha! it was so yummy!!!


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