ÅRT | for your eyes only

there's a tiny private exhibit in my room atm.
(the artwork is not blurred irl)

the first reviews of the exhibition are:
'i don't know if i should hysterically laugh or cry'
'i think i pissed myself'
'very true, you can find yourself in it'
'sad but true'
'true but sad'

this event is not public because
a) obvious privacy issues (yes i used real life printscreens with names and pictures etc)
b) i don't want tons of strangers in my room (and my roommate / flatmates neither)
but if you're really eager to see it, you can send me your very own awkward love failure story (an included printscreen would be very welcome; find my e-mail in the 'contact' tab) and your Facebook link and i will then pick one or two and invite you over.

spread the love (failure)

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