ANALOGUE | uh oh, analogue photography is not vegan

a few weeks ago, i had a comment awaiting moderation on this blog.
i opened it.
the comment, which was a response to my '2 years of veg' blogpost', said that analogue photography is not vegan in fact.

i was shocked.
i was just going through a phase when i wanted to actually develop my analogue photography skills even more and was planning to purchase some more solid camera. and then bam, something i'm getting more and more in love with is actually totally against my ethical views.

to be honest, i didn't know what to do.
on one hand there was my belief that people should not be allowed to breed animals just to kill them for their own pleasure, on the other there was my need for artistic self-expression which i really enjoyed doing through analogue and instant pics.
i have to admit, the latter was stronger at first. i was trying to find some arguments to defend my preferred way of photography. there was a huge inner battle going on in my head. mixed feelings of loss, anger, despair. it might sound funny but it really was like that.
all i found out was that it uses gelatine as the coating, even though it is a tiny layer of it, it is still gelatine, which is made of animal bones and skin. and that there is no alternative to it.
i already had a half-shot film in my camera, so i decided to finish that one. and to let it sink meanwhile. which each shutter pressing, i felt strange. i felt guilty and disgusting - i didn't want any creatures to suffer just because of my own fun.
i was thinking about it a lot.
i realized how strong my vegan beliefs actually are; and that i'm really not planning to abandon them in the near future.

however, i couldn't just say goodbye to analogue that fast.
it has been a huge part of my life for a few years now; i am always carrying my tiny Olympus with me and capturing weird but nice moments.
my transition to full veganism was, or actually still is, a very step-by-step continuous process (i started by being a pescetarian, then a vegetarian, then freaking out about finding about my milk protein allergy, then starting eating vegan, using vegan cosmetics etc etc), and that's exactly what i want to do with my analogue photography.
i want to ditch it, but not immediately.
i want to find a way to my digital camera again, this expensive piece of technology that has been idly standing on my desk for too long now, and slowly forget about analogue. this includes my Instax and Polaroid. i might as well sell them, so if there is someone willing to get me rid of them, let me know. i will finish all the films i have at the moment (one half-shot in my Olympus, one in my Minolta, two spare ones, 8 Polaroid pics and approx. 25 Instax pics), and then we'll see. maybe i'll be able not to buy any new film ever again, maybe i will buy some but use them up in a year or so.

so far, this is not the end of analogue photography on this blog.
it's the decline though.

(at least i will save some money, heh.)

P.S: thank you miakarina for letting me know about that. i appreciate your comment so very much!


  1. i wouldn't say that a thin layer of gelatine is something to feel too guilty about. i mean, bodyparts used for gelatine production are not the primary resource animals are killed for. animals are still being slaughtered and not using every part of the body once someone actually decides to kill the animal is something even worse to me (it's still not ethical though).
    still, it is a shitty excuse and i respect and admire your decision.

  2. hej presne toto som sa dozvedela pred par tyzdnami a tiez som to vobec netušila :(
    no sama neviem čo s tým, úplne milujem fotiť na olympus mjučko ach, fuuck .(((


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