ANALOGUE | disposable jun

01: perfectly ripe avo
02: cute R
03: smoothie from strawberries my grandma had grown
04: Pure Ground playing at Basement Bar
05: veg pizza after i finished writing my final exam paper and didn't sleep at all
06: PRG family | i picked up my new laptop at that place
07: when E came to CZ again and we saw each other after 5 months and it was as great as always
08: Baltic sea
09: Messe / ICC at 6 AM
10: some fancy meal from a long time ago
11: afternoon nap
12: a nice tree at Bila Hora
13: green water
14: Weird Candle at Basement Bar
15: G on the ferry from DK
16: when hanging out with E | sunset in my neighbourhood
17: Messe, the silver beauty
18: watermelon and ciders with B
19: spontaneous trip to Bila Hora with K
20: cubical
21: K in Ruzyne
22: this is a prison

it might be late July already but here is my analogue report from June, pictures that were long-lost in my computer while i was unable to update it here.

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