GNDR | how long will it last?

a week ago, i decided to make a little social media experiment.

you all have probably heard of the #freethenipple campaign, if not, read about it here, if yes, i'm not gonna bore you with explanations.
the things is, even after more and more attempts to break the yay for male nipples, nay for female nipples when it comes to exposing, not much has changed.
female bare chests are still being erased from social media; and that's a fact.

so, my point was to test how long it would take until Instagram takes a picture of my own breast down. what's more, i took a similar picture of my male flatmate's bare chest. by that, i wanted to emphasized that this picture would never be taken down.
but - i got pretty much doomed.
so far, the picture is still there, which means no one has reported it.
my friend says it's because it's covered with the see-through shirt, or maybe it's just because i don't have 20-fucking-thousand followers so not that many people have seen it.
anyways, there's still some conclusion that can be taken out of this experiment.

a) even i was hesitating if i should post it or not. that says something too.

b) what's very surprising is that the blurry, badly-lit front-camera selfie with my nipple got more likes than the other one, which is, in my opinion, much nicer and better and stylistically pleasing than the selfie. does that say that people are already fed up with the male body after seeing it naked all the time? is it because i am seen as 'brave' for exposing my chest which actually represents how bad it is with the sexualisation of female bodies in our society?
i am leaving that up to your interpretation.
(let's not discuss whose chest is better-looking, please.)

either way, it is important to finally desexualize the female body and get rid of all the restrictions women are imposed to.

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  1. mne sa viac páči tvoja fotka!
    mám rada tu nekvalitu :)


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