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sweet potato and tempeh bagel + coconut ice cream + mate from Veganz, eaten next to the East Side Gallery

aaah, Warschauer Strasse, my former home


Nick Cave up close

All Your Sisters

All Your Sisters / dildokings

waiting for the bus at 11 AM

at P's place

it was so bittersweet to be back in Berlin, the place where i spent the best three months of my life last autumn. well, maybe it was only bitter. i went to the same places as always, i took the same exits at ubahn / sbahn stations, i was literally 1 minute away from my old flat, all those familiar things, but it felt so different now. i felt empty and detached, i simply knew it was not my home anymore. i was a tourist. again.
you might think i'm over-dramatizing but i've never felt like i belong to any other town as much as to Berlin.

i was there for approx. 40 hours and i did this:
cried on the bus. got mad at the stupid sbahn strikers, a-g-a-i-n. went to Alex and put my suitcase in a locker. Warschauer Strasse. bought takeaway lunch from Veganz. ate by Spree next to the East Side Gallery. ran through the huge Humana on Frankfurter Tor, found nothing. checked in. met up with P. at Alex. bought beers and chilled at Mauerpark. rushed to Friedrichstadtpalast. cried during the Nick Cave's gig. almost ran to the nearest sbahn station. successfully managed to catch a sbahn train (there was one running each 45 mins), picked up P. at Warschauer Strasse, sneaked beers into Urban Spree. watched All Your Sisters' concert. afterpartied and somehow only arrived to my hostel for the check out at 10 AM. went to P's place to take a shower and talk talk talk. fought the hangover with some yummy fries w/ vegan mayo. ran around second hand stores but only bought one bumbag. went to KW Institute. got to ZOB. had the worst bus ride everrr. couldn't even cry.

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  1. V Berlin jsem pila club-matE neustale, Cesku mi - nevim proc - uz zase tolik nechutnalo. Jinak super fotky!


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