ANALOGUE | disposable may

01: w/ leftover roses at Naplavka
02: pink toi tois at a Vietnamese food festival
03: morning P. (#friendssince1997)
04: window sill
05: M. wearing my glasses
06: K. came over for night study session
07: riverbank
08: M's pack
09: my dad's band Zabloudil playing at Cafe V Lese
10: sleepyhead
11: me and D. were in charge of the Kendo Spring
12: window sill II
13: eurohotdog = eurotrash
14: my dad's band Zabloudil playing at Cafe V Lese II
15: M. the fashion blogger in my pants and hat
16: Prague Design Week
17: Prague Design Week II
18: 'jenny'
19: K's study attire
20: window sill III
21: oops
22: the very pretentious exhibition that creeped D. out

the last day of May. the whole month in analogue. sounds pretty logical.

May was strange.
i moved to Prague, immediately flew (= took the bus) to Berlin, then went back again, spent a lot of time trying to force myself to work on my final exam but didn't do much in the end, had many many mental breakdowns, changed my whole exam concept, and then finished the exam in 1 long night.
it was very slow and it went really fast.
does that make sense?


  1. beautiful photos:)

  2. mam dojem,ze muj kveten se vyznacoval stejnymi rysy az na to,ze se svou bakalarkou jsem nehla ani o pid. :(


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