ANALOGUE | disposable end of apr / beginning of may

i'm sorry for publishing posts much more rarely than usually, i finally got into a writing mood and i'm progressing with my final exam > no time for blogging.
i have a lot stuff i'd like to write about, but i don't have the time to do so, oh well.
anyways, here are a few analogue pics i completely forgot about.

01: blooming trees in Opava
02: found the seashell i bought in Italy when i was 7 years old
03: when i forgot my camera at P's place
04: my mum cut my hair
05: stolen flowers
06: G. in Opava
07: Zlin Design Week
08: M. i-don't-know-when
09: PRG room


  1. ty magnólie jsou dokonalý!
    a držim palce ať se dobře píše!


ain't got time for your hate / no giveway or any promotions / THANKS FOR YOUR NICE WORDS.