GNDR | queer stickers

new stickers are here, yay!
queer-friendly this time; because everyone should be queer-friendly, right? if you are, show some love & support with these badly drawn stickers, please.

the big black heart was not supposed to be there in fact, a little mistake happened during the printing process, so instead of a big rainbow heart, there's a Kathleen-Hanna-shoulder-tattoo-alike heart instead. actually, if you buy a white or silver permanent marker, you can easily write your own message / slogan on it, which is quite nice, isn't it?

oh and in case you were wondering what each symbol means:
the rainbow heart is based on the LGBT pride flag;
the blue-pink-white heart and the symbol next to the 'glad to be queer' heart represents transgender pride;
the purple-white-green heart and the sign with a star of sorts stands for genderqueer pride;
and the last sign with a combo of the traditional female and male sign is for androgyny.



set of 13 transparent / coloured stickers (cut out)

only 15 pcs available

Czech Rep - 50 CZK (+ 30 CZK shipping)
Europe - 2 EUR (+ 2 EUR shipping)

if you want to order one or more sheets, please write an e-mail to thisisfem@gmail.com
thank you ♥

P.S: i still have some of the previous stickers left, if you'd like that sheet too, you can get it for a discounted price with the queer ones!


  1. <3
    god oh god oh god, nemám teď ani hloupejch 80 korun! :( doufám, že nějaký zbydou!

    1. muzu ti schovat jedny, kdybys chtela? : )

  2. To bys byla nejlepší <3

  3. these are actually pretty neat, i like the androgyny ones; it's a shame i have literally no place to put them on since even my laptop is quite occupied with dearfriends stickers and those of my favorite bands


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