ANALOGUE | disposable mar

01: the morning light after my 1st night at A's room
02: dinner time
03: Elias from Iceage mid-concert in Aarhus (okay, this was taken in February, but it was the last day and almost midnight, that counts as March, right?)
04: late evenings in the D building
05: #oops
06: the painting room or the storage room?
07: late evenings in the D building II
08: 'no-more-crisps-from-now-on' packed snacks
09: at CZ home
10: 1 euro dalmatin
11: werk
12: all my belongings | accounting
13: stolen coats
14: velvet
15: sofa
16: bits and pieces
17: outdoor shopping
18: easy rider / driver (miss youuuuuu)
19: kitschy hello from Paris
20: the night our eating habbits went to hell | outdoor shopping II

March was both supershort and exhaustingly long, nice and awful, good and bad.
a lot of stuff happened.


ain't got time for your hate / no giveway or any promotions / THANKS FOR YOUR NICE WORDS.