ANALOGUE | disposable apr 1/2

01: Vršovice
02: boyos
03: PRG
04: cute
05: Dali in Olomouc
06: G unpacking my underwear
07: downpour
08: stay fresh
09: 'sorry'
10: went to pick up my Romanian panties to a fucking logistics centre in the middle of nowhere
11: Naplavka chill
12: Naplavka view
13: PRG
14: K's industrial room
15: went to an Art Brut Film Festival in Olomouc and it was pretty hardcore
16: dad's home office
17: Dali in Olomouc II
18: waiting for D.
19: no toilet here
20: in my room
21: Kafka
22: Polygon squad

April is not over yet, but i went a bit wild with my analogue in the last weeks and i already have tons of pics from the beginning of the month, so why not to share them already.

mostly from my weekend in Prague, but not only.


ain't got time for your hate / no giveway or any promotions / THANKS FOR YOUR NICE WORDS.