ANALOGUE | disposable feb

surprisingly many pics are usable from my February film roll. sorry for the overload!

01: the painting room at the uni
02: no wine opener, (almost) no problem.
03: pre-Iceage at Atlas
04: Gabi topping up my phone in Copenhagen
05: Puce Mary at Mayhem
06: Netto grocery shopping at 4 AM
07: worktop
08: on the way to Lidl
09: it ain't that easy
10: Herning's main square after the terrorist attacks
11: blurry Elias and Jakob of Iceage
12: V-Day's fro-yo
13: it had to be done
14: ??? (one of Dope Body's support bands)
15: the painting room again
16: in the kitchen
17: a cinema in CPH
18: Mayhem's clean bathroom
19: Aneta trying to figure out where the proper Danish party was
20: the grey sky over Copenhagen
21: Mayhem crowd
23: v clean Netto
24: finally!

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  1. analógové sú jednoznačne najjj :)


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