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'Menstruation is the periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. This cyclic discharge is seen in females of certain mammalian species (including humans). It begins with the onset of menarche at or before sexual maturity and stops at or near menopause (the end of a woman's fertility). The periodicity of menstruation gives rise to commonly used euphemisms such as "period" and "monthly".' - Wikipedia
everyone knows that.
yet no one wants to talk about it.


talking about menstruation is somewhat of a no-no in our society, you sure have noticed, right?
it is barely portrayed in the media. (oh yeah, Carrie. that was like one film out of a thousand, wasn't it)
buying tampons or pads induces a feeling of embarrassment, you do not want anyone to really see you buying this 90-pcs box of super tampons, do you?
the term 'menstruation' is not even used commonly, such blurring terms as 'my time of the month' are used instead.
women are often ridiculed, scoffed and belittled for going through such thing as menstruation.

in comparison, it is fairly normal to talk about guys having morning hard-ons, and it is commonly portrayed in films, books, TV series as a regular thing.

both things, menstruation and morning erection, have one thing in common - they are very natural and unavoidable. yet one of them is perceived as normal and okay to talk about, the other as something rather disgusting and to-be-kept-secret.


and that is, in my opinion, a complete bullshit.

no person would be alive without menstruation, it's one of the most essential things in human reproduction! shouldn't be women rather praised for going through this uncomfortable time of the month than mocked for being moody or sensitive and deemed as being somehow repulsive during that time? i mean, women bleed and lose vaginal tissue and experience pain and discomfort and annoying feelings each and every month for most of their lives and they still survive it, that's very kick-ass in fact, isn't it?

furthermore, it's just some blood and flesh. it's not such a big deal. in the end, it's all just atoms and molecules, so why should it be such a big thing?


  1. Sice si sama při menstruaci přijdu docela nechutně (ale to je spis o hormonech než o pohledu společnosti) ale máš nejvíc pravdu! Nejlepší jsou poznámky typu 'Nojo, jsi zase nepříjemná! Tos to dostala' za to bych fakt vraždila! Chtěla bych vidět kluka, kterej by přězíval každej měsíc bolesti jako když je někdo neustále bouchá do podbřišku a občas kvůli tomu i omdleli! Nehledě na to, že někdo tyhle věci musí řešit hormonální antikoncepcí, což taky není nejzdravější ale člověk je rád, že se mu uleví. Vlastně zvládat menstruaci v klidu je dost badass!

  2. Yeah, well, mocking girls and women for being moody while menstruating is the biggest bullshit ever (good thing is that I don't really face it anymore but I believe that everybody has their experience from teenage years). Try bleeding from you genitalia for a week and then we'll see. P.S. I don't really use term "menstruation" but neither "time of my month" (ugh) - I simply say "I'm bleeding" 'cause that's just how it is, am I right?

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