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Drevena Helena, UEG, Papelote, 
Braasi Industry, Mads Nørgaard, Juju, 
Antti Asplund, FUN TIME, KLU, Rains

some time ago, i decided to trade cheap fast fashion for timeless, high quality pieces. to try to buy products that are produced in fair conditions, in Europe mostly. to support local young talents. and so on.

i've written about this shit so many times already. but this time, i don't want to brag about my fashion consciousness only, i want to show you some of my fav names in the design industry. get inspired and support your locals!

Braasi Industry (CZ)
i'm not a fan of all of their backpacks, but those with nylon webs are really great. too bad i already have a Kånken, bummer.
my fav piece - webbing black backpack

Papelote (CZ)
the first time i saw their beautiful notebooks was probably at Designblok 2009 or so back in CZ; and i've got my hands on quite a few Papelote products since then. my favourite was the big black notebook i got from my friend Marketa. they don't sell the exact same one anymore, which makes me quite sad.
my fav pieces - the classic black notebooks, polka dotted wrapping papers

KLU by Edyta Jermacz (PL)
okay, i got a jacket from KLU which literally everyone admires, so it's no surprise it's here. the androgynous, mostly black style is just the best!
my fav pieces - wuki jacket (well of course), onboard shirt

Drevena Helena (SK)
nothing new here, Drevena Helena is just perfect. the new underwear pieces are just brill, and i hope some will soon land in my wardrobe too!
my fav pieces - mesh bodysuit, wrap dress

discovered this through my flatmate who has the coolest paper backpack from UEG. their products often have a social message included, which is very nice, and they are b&w mostly, that's nice too, right?
my fav pieces: superbacter ma-1 jacket, tyvek beast 1 shirt, case 01 for ipad (not that i have / plan to have an ipad, hehe)

i first discovered the brand at the Fluxus Contemporary Mall opening in Stuttgart; and have been secretly craving for some of their pieces ever since. the products sure are fun, but rather a sarcastic, ironic fun with such slogans as 'BROKELYN', 'CRAPPY DIEM' or 'FORNEVER'. bet you can guess that's exactly what i like. all made in Europe, free shipping over EU, yay!
my fav pieces - pattern crop top, heart bomber, endless bummer tee

Mads Nørgaard (DK)
Nørgaard is no new name on the fashion scene, but his collections are still great nevertheless. simple but edgy, as all Scandi design. the recent fall 15 fashion show on CPH fashion week was so good, especially with the pinkish backdrop and Communions playing live in the background. (so sad i didn't see it live though)
my fav pieces: almost anything from the new collection

Rains (DK)
the two guys behind this raincoat brand actually studied at the same university as i do, ha! the products are very simple, yet the colours are pretty shocking in the bleak Danish street style, plus the quality and therefore no-rain-allowed-factor are super-high!
my fav pieces: long jacket white spots, black backpack

Juju Footwear (UK)
these jelly shoes are also very well-known, but is not so known is that they are entirely made in the UK! triple yay. i made my 1st semester design assignment based on their products so they'll always have a special place in my heart.
my fav pieces: poppy sandals, glitter seethrough jelly boot

Antti Asplund (FI)
a young Helsinki-based designer who has great gender- and sexuality-bending ideas. check out his Heterephobia collection for sure. my friend / schoolmate did his internship at Antti's and went to Canada for the fashion week with the team, someone's lucky, woah.
my fav pieces: heterophobia school uniform cape, genderless necklace

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