ANALOGUE | frauenwohnheim

a female student dorm.
i spent 4 months living at that place.

for 150 euros per month, i got a quite spacious room with a single bed, wardrobe, clothes rack, desk, chair, bookcase, basin, mirror. well, so far it sounds pretty nice, right?
it wasn't.
the furniture was old. the mattress was so stiff i often had headaches after sleeping on it. there was a kitchen of approx. 4x2.5 metres for 14 people, with 2 fridges, 8 cooking hobs, 1 oven, 1 small table and 2 chairs. it stank. you had to fight for your place in the fridge and wish no one would throw away your food. (it happened to me.) there was almost no common cutlery, pots, dishes etc.; and no one was willing to share theirs. (i ate with plastic cutlery the first week. and then stole the regular one from uni's Mensa) the showers, 2 for 14 people on one floor, were overflowing constantly. there was a telephone in the hallway which kept on ringing at random times, even though no one knew the number of it. no boys were allowed between 10 PM and 6 AM. it was not allowed to use the washing machines after 10 PM, and neither on Sundays. the Italian hausmeister, who was often fighting with his wife so loud you could hear it outside, was spying on us. when we were coming back, who we were coming with and stuff. the house was located just 5 mins away from a sex shop, a brothel and a strip club, all owned by Hells Angels, and from a communist squat. there was always a weird, unfriendly relationship between all the tenants. each person had to have a 'cleaning week' once in a while; and the other girls would be pretty rough if you didn't clean properly.

there was a very creepy, strange atmosphere.
i'm so glad i'm out of that place now.

/ this post is dedicated to Celia and Leonor, my beloved co-tenants, who hated it the same way i did. /


  1. mas muj obdiv za statecnost a ze jsi to zvladla! muselo to byt strasne :(

  2. tohle je dost creepy, teď jsem ráda i za byt, kde žiju, i když mi ho to trochu připomíná

  3. ty vole tak za takéto peniaze som bývala na intráku v prahe s ďalšími dvoma holkami (ktoré som našťastie poznala nejakú tú dobu) a bolo to o level lepšie aj keď vychovávatelky boli hrozné bitches, vkuse podráždené alebo senilné. Mali sme aj výchadzkové knižky, kde si si musela písať čas a miesto kam ideš (!), okej bolo to povinné ludom pod 18 rokov ale aj tak. Teror.
    Superko že si to zvládla, ja by som z toho asi zošalela.

    Reutlingen bol dosť brutálna životná skúška čo? .)

  4. teda to je drsný! ty se svým estetickým cítěním jsi musela vážně trpět... hlavně že už je to za tebou!


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