INSTANT | your indifference

i’m truly sorry, 
for what i never did, 
but i forgive you, too; 
for your indifference. 
you're a lonely child, 
layed open to the world, 
and when i looked in your eyes 
i saw myself there too, 
so please forgive me now, 
for what we never had, 
although its useless to say, 
i wish you happiness.
/ Swans - Feel Happiness /

two pictures i took in a slight state of delirium induced by exhaustion last night + a song i was listening to while doing so.

there is no specific link between the picture on the right, picture on the left and the song.
or maybe there is, as all things are delicately interconnected, as Jenny Holzer said in one of her works.

form follows function.

/ no, i did not use the scissors in any other way than pressing them against my face. no, i am not promoting self harm. no, i will not stop posting these strange posts. /

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