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i love how socks can spice up even the simplest outfits and i always notice when someone's wearing some cool socks. (hiya Célia and your cute dinosaur socks!)

even though i mostly buy socks with bold patterns or prints (in black & white only, of course), i also like to have plenty of the classic black socks in my wardrobe. while they might seem boring, i think they work pretty well in higher lace-ups, just casually peeking over the top a bit.

what i always check when buying socks is where they were produced, luckily, there are many options to buy those made in factories where human rights and proper working conditions are respected. the pictured ones from Urban Outfitters and those in the last post from Happy Socks were both made in Turkey, which is not the best option, but it's still better than the unethical Asian / African factories.

and here comes the main point of my post - unfortunately, i managed to get all my black socks ripped and i need new ones. however, i do not want to buy them in H&M or any other fast fashion store as i'm trying to avoid shopping there (haven't bought anything in H&M since August, ha!), and would rather opt for some local, eco preferably, company. does anyone know about a brand from the Czech Rep / Slovakia / Germany / Poland / Denmark that would sell simple ankle-high black socks for affordable prices? let me know, please!


here you go, yes, i just wrote a post about socks. my mental age is probably 50 or something.

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  1. fucking a! i am utterly in love with your socks!


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