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you might notice that there is much less photo content in this post than usual; and the reason is simple. first of all, my glitter [mju:] babe is still not repaired, and will probably never be (why why whyyy), and i'm using disposable cameras instead. then, the underwater replacement i bought back in DE turned out to be a complete waste of $$$ as there was no picture on the film. that's a real bummer 'cause i had a little provocative project from the shower on it and also some pics from parties and dinners in RTL, well, what can you do. and furthermore, almost half of the pics on the okay film (which has only 24 frames instead of 36 i usually use) are supposed to be published later as they are parts of some of my upcoming projects. so that's why.

i got a new automatic Praktica M29 to fill the Olympus hole in my photographic heart; but i already started shooting another project on a b&w film so i can't use it for everyday pics anyways. i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the [mju:] will resurrect! pretty please.

01: 'Ebony' hair colour, sure sure
02: blue everywhere
03: pale purple in Olomouc
04: rosé & roses
05: Gabi hiding behind the gifts i gave her
06: recycle-wrapping - using Dr. Martens stuffing paper
07: white Christmas
08: winterkrauter and my granny's foot
09: xmas drinkin'
10: too full
11: Jesenik ftw
12: spring in the middle of winter

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