ANALOGUE | bits of disposable jan #01

01: sweet times in bed
02: few hours before leaving CZ - midnight packing and spaghetti w/ veggie sausages
03: my dad drumming at a d'n'b party
04: pink collection
05: wavy hair (yes, this is how my hair looks without straightening. well, not really, it usually looks 1000x worse)
06: abandoned Tesco's
07: Jungling Jay + my dad
08: i slept for 2 hours that night

it is official - my lovely glitter-covered [mju:] cannot be repaired. rest in peace, my lovely darling.

luckily, my mum scored some great new (not so new in fact, they're second hand, but you know what i mean) analogue babies, a Praktica M29, which i'm using for b&w pics, and an Olympus 800S Superzoom that looks almost the same as the old [mju:]. can't wait to see the developped pics from both of them!

here are just a few photos from my January photo roll, i used most of the film for other photo projects (coming soon!) and some other pictures from January are still in the new cameras, but i wanted to publish these nevertheless. they're all from the Czech Rep and make me sad a bit.


  1. ta druhá je megacute!
    a i když to slyšíš tak po stý, máš cool rodiče

  2. ta druga spagetova je cute!
    a odkud mas ten velky vege sampon? mam pocit, ze ho potrebuju!!

    1. kupovala jsem ho v supermarketu v DK, ale v CR by se mel dat sehnat tady: http://www.urtekram.cz/

      btw ja si ted nemuzu vynachvalit Jason and the Argan Oil tuhej sampon z Lushe, ten je nej na svete!!

  3. Jeh, ten sprcháč mám taky a chci všechny z té řady.

  4. mám rada tvoje fotky :)


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