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People living in Luxemburg are said to spend around $800 during the Christmas time.

US citizens spend around $700 on Christmas.

The European Christmas average is approx. $550.


Many people from developing countries don't, and what's more, CAN'T even spend such amount over the whole year.
Think about it.
Let it sink.
And try to remember it when your family members give you thick envelopes with some $$$.


There are people who need the money much more than us from countries with advanced economies. And since Christmas should be about giving, not spending for useless bullshit, the best gift you could give would be donating cash to poor, striving people. It won't hurt; and you probably won't be completely broke after ditching out a bit of your Christmas money. Even small amount counts.


I can assure you that I'm not just superficially preaching some holy truth and not actually doing anything. Same as the last year, I have just donated some money to Drop in the bucket charity; and I will sure do more once I see what (or how much to be precise) was hidden under the Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to y'all, the lucky (financially provided) and unfortunate (at the brink of poverty) ones!

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