PURE BULLSHIT | i want to possess

all the nice books and DVDs, waiting for me to pick them up at my parent's place. one day, someday.

The fact that my heart longs for minimalism and simplicity comes as no surprise. Having less = being more somehow applies to all aspects of my life, being it aesthetics, amount of alcohol, or possessions in general. (okay, it does not apply to tattoos. the more, the better.) Being surrounded by fewer things is a very relaxing feeling.


However, I really enjoy accumulating certain things in broader measures. Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and such. Also, as I'm trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, I'd love to buy timeless, stylish and high quality kitchen utensils and home decor; or even a bit more fancy condiments as spices and oils and various types of flour and sugar and what not, you know, to make my place, and my life at the same time, all nice and home-y. But I simply can't.

The reason is simple - the nomadic lifestyle. While moving from a place to place is adventurous and exciting, there's also its downside. That is the luggage limits.
There are some ways how to increase them, e.g. by paying for an extra bag (very costly usually) or by going through the exhausting and mind-wrecking process of taking a bus where no one usually checks the actual weight of your baggage (not recommended), but the limit will still be there anyway.
(And no, it's not always possible to ask your family member / friend with a car to move you from place A to place B. More like never. Get used to planes and buses, my dear.)

Soon after undergoing a few of these packing-all-your-life-into-a-suitcase-and-moving-somewhere-else-yet-again sessions, you'll start thinking about everything in its weight and 'packability' (no round things, no brittle things, no possible-to-leak things etc.). You'll be leaving shops with the thought 'I would buy it but I would never stuff it into my luggage so nah'. You'll reduce your wardrobe to the essentials, preferably one pair of shoes for each season (and that's still too much), one winter jacket, one pair of trousers and so on. You'll be spending all your money on food and going out because you don't need to be worried about packing these things later. A true minimalistic lifestyle, sort of.

And even though I love the feeling of having little, I have to admit it sucks too. I would like to have my favourite books in real, printed version. (not in PDFs on my phone) I would like to support my favourite musicians by buying their new albums. I would like to decorate my flat, whichever one I am currently living in. I would like to try out some new recipes without knowing I'd have to throw away half of the special ingredients because I'd simply move to a new place before using them again. (or maybe I should write 'I would like to use any other spices than basil and cinnamon and eat something else than noodles and pasta')
But I can't. Not now, and not in the foreseeable future.


The struggle is real. And it will be even more real, since I'm going back to DK straight from Germany and I'm taking a low-cost plane. Gotta reduce my life to approx. 30 kg (hand luggage included). Will be fun. Or not.


  1. toto je taký večný boj aj u mňa, snažím sa obklopovať s menším množstvom vecí a veľmi dobre si rozmyslieť či to ozaj chcem alebo potrebujem, na druhej strane je však toľko vecí, pre ktoré mám slabosť, takže si treba nájsť akúsi rovnováhu a možno netreba sa nad všetkým tak moc zamýšľať, lebo sa do toho iba zamotáš
    ak by som sa však mala teraz za 10min zbaliť do jednej krabice tak presne by som vedela po čom siahnuť, pretože v živote neexistuje jedna materiálna vec, bez ktorej by som sa nezaobišla, je to skôr o chtíči a uspokojovaní si vlastných (ne)potrieb :)

  2. to znám no - po 9 měsících venku jsme se ve dvou vraceli se 30kg... ale i když jsem se teď už docela usadila tak mám furt u rodičů na půdě pět beden knih... a v bytě jsme v nájmu takže tam toho moc změnit stejně nemůžeme a pořádná knihovna se nám nevejde... takže mi příjde že to je takovej věčnej boj...


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