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end of November, after a concert, approx. 40 mins after midnight:
'How are you getting home?'
'By train, and then I have to walk home from the station. Not the safest thing to do in this region, eh.'
'Do you get hassled a lot?'
'Yeah, I do.'


I seriously do.

I have been followed by a car for 5 times.

I have been followed by a cyclist once.

I have been honked at for countless times.

I have been asked 'How much' for probably 10 times.

I have been touched by random men many times.

I have been forced to move somewhere else on a concert because of guys trying to feel my bum.

I have been forced to cross the street because of being catcalled.

I have used my pepper spray once to scare the potential offenders off.

I have been called nasty names and asked if I would have had sex with random men.

I have punched a guy because of his inappropriate behaviour.


Sometimes I feel like there is something inside of me that makes men want to hurt me, either sexually or causing me pain in general. I feel scared a lot.



And it is so utterly wrong and sad and disgusting. NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE WALKING DOWN THE STREETS WITH THE FEAR OF BEING HURT.

And no, no woman, not a single one, is ever asking for it. Who would be voluntarily asking for being reduced to a sexual object without any power its own body / decisions? Explain, please.


    nechápu! nedávno jsem šla domů okolo nějakejch dělníků a samozřejmě všichni čuměli...tohle mi přijde fakt moc.
    teach men not to rape and not girls 'how avoid getting raped'!
    proto nejsou rape jokes vtipný a pořád potřebujm feminismus!
    (tohle téma mě vždycky tak naštve!)

  2. souhlasím :)


  3. Ok, I agree with you, it´s everywhere these days... and sometimes it happens to me too... but I have a feeling that you´ re actually asking for that, I don´t wanna judge you or anything, but, what about this: http://www.annacrimewave.com/2014/12/the-skull-shadowplay.html... ??? do you think it´s a good idea to exhibit you almost naked body here, where everybody can see it? ...maybe some of these men (you have mentioned) have already read your blog and you just provoke them by doing this, and now you´re complaining!... I am not a feminist, but I hate such obsecene and disgusting men and I wish they end up in hell one day... but I don´t provoke them like you... I would never show my naked body to anyone except for my boyfriend, gynaecologist and myself....
    http://www.annacrimewave.com/2014/11/lets-dance-ksk-vol26-temnotka.html... and this (3rd photo)? isn´t it a man sticking to you? I can translate it to you: "vodu káže, víno pije"

  4. I really like your blog, your photos, clothes and talent, but I can´t stand people that pretend to be someone they are not..

  5. #01:
    dear Tijuana,

    your comment basically sums up what's wrong with the society and pretty much exhibits the core ideas of rape culture.

    EXPOSING ANYONE'S BODY IS NOT PROVOCATIVE. i could walk around naked and still not be asking for 'it'. it is just body, and there is nothing obscene about it. sadly, female bodies are extremely oversexualized and women are 'allowed' (by the society) to reveal much less than men. no one is offended and saying 'he is asking for a rape / being sexually harassed' when a man walks around with no t-shirt in the summer, however when a girl only wears a slightly shorter skirt, suddenly she is perceived as provoking. by that, the society, including you, is basically saying that women are reduced to sexual objects only, that their bodies are only here to be fucked. and that is so profoundly and utterly wrong.

    'I would never show my naked body to anyone except for my boyfriend, gynaecologist and myself....' in my opinion, that is very sad. what are you so ashamed of? once again, it is just your body. we all have it, each one looks a bit different, but in general, they are the same. naked bodies are awesome. nudity is in my opinion very beautiful and does not have to have any sexual undertone. that is why i am posting such 'provoking' and 'almost naked' photos here because i believe they have some artistic value and using my own body is one of my favourite ways of expressing myself. do you think that everyone who has ever posed for a nude painting / photo / whatever is asking for being harassed or raped? seriously?

  6. #02:
    the fact that you are trying to show me examples of how i am asking for it is utterly sickening. your acting is called VICTIM BLAMING and it is the most bullshit thing ever. as said in the article, no one is ever asking for being raped or harassed, NO ONE EVER. do you really think that someone would willingly be asking for being defeated, degraded and hurt? NO ONE IS EVER ASKING FOR RAPE, NO MATTER HOW REVEALING THEIR CLOTHES ARE OR ANYTHING ELSE.

    jesus christ, your reference to that picture from KSK is just hilarious.
    a) i don't see any reason why you should care about with who and how i dance on parties,
    b) for your information, it is my friend and there was nothing sexual in it, he is in a relationship with a sweet guy who was by the way at that party too. he wasn't offended by that, so there's no reason for you to be
    c) dancing ass to ass with someone (which i was not, just to declare to avoid any misinterpretations), flirting, holding someone's hand, kissing someone,... all that does not mean someone is asking for anything of a sexual tone. it is all about consent, AND EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO ONLY DO THE THINGS THEY WANT TO, AND NO ONE SHOULD EVER FORCE ANYONE INTO ANYTHING, even if the prerequisite signals might have been misleading for the other person (but then it's also about the perception of our acts, each person has a different view on everything, and then some clashes can appear, but they can be solved in a non-violent, non-harming way)

    it's nice that you like my blog but i don't think that it is the best website for you to read with such opinions. the Nirvana quote 'If you’re a racist, a sexist or a homophobe, we don’t want you to buy our records.' can be well applied to my blog too, only switch the 'buy our records' for 'read my blog'

    it's funny you mention my 'talent' because i think one of the very few talents i possess is fighting for what i believe in and i can positively say that i am doing it the most when it comes to feminism and oppressing the sexist society. by wearing what they call 'revealing clothes', showing my body, dancing the way i want, walking alone at night etc., i show that i am not afraid to stand up against the current norms of our culture that are so deeply wrong that it makes me physically sick. being myself (however cliched it sounds) is basically the only thing i am trying to pursue in my life so you blaming me that i am pretending to be someone i am not is extremely inaccurate. you do not know me at all.

    so, dear Tijuana, please try to be more open-minded and less uptight and restricted what the society says. do not ever blame anyone for rape or harassment, as it is completely out of question to do so. stop being so offended by such simple thing is nudity, anyways it is just flesh and skin and hair in the end.

    please try to think about what i just wrote and maybe change your attitude a bit, because then, more people would follow and the world could be less (still too much) of a hate-filled place.


  7. Tijuana this is too much! you cant be serious... its not even nude pics! and even if it is - so what?
    Aničko krásně jsi to napsala naprosto s tebou souhlasím!


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